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Fall 2024

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fall 2024 event, it was a great success!

Event streamers included: AmericanElm, Andrio_Celos, AntiGulp, aoeixsz4, BrushThatToast, Cloudmillion, dansalvato, doktor__l, d_i_s_p_e_r_s_e, finitelycraig, followgraves, HakureiDeity, JJVanVan, jonosmalls88, karafruit, knnn391, lexi_thymi, lidlraccoon, luxidream, LythariDrow, NabruRocks, PeteGoz, Priestess_of_Athe, spazm9000, Theyflower, and Unit327!

Streamer Segments Compilation: YouTube Playlist

On April 5 - 7, 2024, twenty-six Twitch content creators streamed NetHack continuously for over 60 hours!


Choosing the Charity for NetHackathon

Rolling a die to choose the charity we support from those submitted by streamers.

Grand theft doggo

First blood


Hissing intensifies

dansalvato learns about the 3.7 monster noise changes

The Saga of BeeAtrice

The nerve-wracking tale of BeeAtrice, our collective dragon daughter.


AntiGulp the samurai comes face-to-face with the business end of a WoD

The flute toots!

While waiting for the Bingo competition to start, luxidream entertains us with the Ocarina of (killing) Time

aoei flips out!

aoei contends with 3.7's flipped Sokobon levels.

Playing Taps for our deceased Monk

The monk died, so we had to give him a proper send-off.

How (not) to protection racket

I tried to remember how to protection racket, and accidentally killed something as I was talking about not killing things.

spazm9000 is floored!

spazm9000 learns that dust vortices have knock-back in 3.7.

Unit327 wishes for the end to poverty