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The Fall 2022 NetHackathon will start Friday, September 16th at 10:00 PM UTC.

On September 16 - 18 Twitch content creators will stream NetHack continuously for over 48 hours!

Currently streaming:

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Streamers include, AmericanElm, Andrio_Celos, AntiGulp, ashpool37, Cloudmillion, doktor__l, DryadMin, d_i_s_p_e_r_s_e, finitelycraig, HakureiDeity, JJvanTheMan, jonosmalls88, KwotaV, luxidream, LythariDrow, NabruRocks, PeteGoz, Priestess_of_Athe, shadowrider38, spazm9000, Theyflower, TiLonGonn, TiraBlazar, toddrafter, and Unit327.

Schedule All times UTC

Date Channel Notes
Friday, 10:00 PM Cloudmillion
Saturday, 12:00 AM JJvanTheMan
Saturday, 2:00 AM jonosmalls88
Saturday, 4:00 AM TiLonGonn
Saturday, 6:00 AM Andrio_Celos
Saturday, 8:00 AM doktor__l
Saturday, 10:00 AM toddrafter
Saturday, 12:00 PM PeteGoz With special guest, Cloudmillion.
Saturday, 2:00 PM AntiGulp
Saturday, 4:00 PM d_i_s_p_e_r_s_e With special guest, finitelycraig.
Saturday, 6:00 PM HakureiDeity
Saturday, 8:00 PM LythariDrow
Saturday, 10:00 PM NabruRocks
Sunday, 12:00 AM DryadMin With special guest, TiraBlazar.
Sunday, 2:00 AM spazm9000
Sunday, 4:00 AM Unit327
Sunday, 6:00 AM shadowrider38
Sunday, 8:00 AM ashpool37
Sunday, 10:00 AM AmericanElm With special guest, finitelycraig.
Sunday, 12:00 PM finitelycraig With special guest, AmericanElm.
Sunday, 2:00 PM Theyflower
Sunday, 4:00 PM luxidream Race to Mine's End and Sokoban prize with commentary by world record speedrunner luxidream.
Sunday, 7:00 PM KwotaV Father-daughter stream with d_i_s_p_e_r_s_e teaching KwotaV how to play NetHack.
Sunday, 8:00 PM Priestess_of_Athe
Sunday, 10:00 PM TiraBlazar With special guest, DryadMin.