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What is NetHackathon?

NetHackathon is an event where Twitch content creators stream NetHack continuously for over 48 hours.

The Fall 2023 Event

The next event will be held the weekend of September 8 - 10th, for more information go to the Current event page.

What is NetHack?

NetHack is a dungeon crawling adventure game, a direct descendent of the eponymous Rogue of rogue-like, and the greatest game you will ever play.

Screenshot of NetHack

When is the next event?

We run the event twice a year, in the spring and fall, the next event will be held the weekend of September 8th - 10th.

Do you play NetHack?

Are you a Twitch Streamer? We're looking for people to play NetHack on stream, the time commitment is two hours at a time of your choosing during a weekend.

To participate in future events sign up as a streamer today!

What is #annotate?

#annotate is a web app for tracking NetHack character intrinsics and notes, price identification, and Sokoban puzzle practice.

#annotate is free to use so head on over and check it out.